Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WTF of The Day

My WTF of the day is dedicated to my Husband & his friend... my Goochie... as you know Easter just passed & my Mother is under very strict instructions to make an Easter Basket for me every... single... year... Even when we have children - SHE MUST MAKE ME AN EASTER BASKET!!!

So cool, Maaaaa & Dad, hook me up this year with very cool things - amongst it are my most FAVORITE chocolates on the face of the Planet Earth. EVER.

The name of these chocolates are Cadbury Mini Eggs - they come out ONCE a year JUST for Easter. My Mom filled plastic eggs with the eggs - Athena is a very happy camper.

We get home & leave the basket downstairs for the time being. I head off to work the next morning being fully aware the Best House Husband in the world will take care of this by the time I get home. Much to my pleasure he emptied out all of the plastic eggs & put my precious cargo (chocolate eggs) into a Ziploc Snack Bag...

Now I realize something. My Mother, my own flesh & blood did NOT give me as much chocolate as she said she did... MY OWN MOTHER LIED TO ME!!!

So, as I said earlier Luis comes over & we're all drinking. Victor decides to be a good host & has the audacity, the balls, the nerve to whip out the TINY Ziploc Snack Bag of my precious Cadbury Mini Eggs & Luis & Victor proceed to ravage this tiny bag by sticking their big boy hands in it & proceeding to gobble up a few at a time. These boys are tossing my chocolates (that I get only once a year) back as if they were popcorn or Hershey's Kisses. At first, I thought Victor would understand I wasn't aboard this train & the chocolates needed to go away. Stat. Now. Pronto. My dirty looks proceeded & after a while he got the hint. But can you believe it?! Can you believe he ate my chocolate?! Yeah, marriage is about sacrifice, love, honesty, etc. But not once have I ever seen anything written about sharing my Cadbury Mini Eggs. Next time, his hands are being chopped off!!! WTF?!?!


  1. OK, everyone knows you need a snack when you're having beer. But instead of being a good host, my lovely wife maliciously snacked the chocolates away.... after we only had like two of them! Little does she know I've been sneaking a chocolate or two out every day since ;p

  2. Athena, I would have punched them both in the neck and called it a night..



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