Monday, April 6, 2009

Sleeping with The Enemy

So I basically almost killed my Husband... I had a night terror. No. NOT a nightmare... a night terror... It was physically terrifying. I did a little research & came to find out that as the picture above shows, the ancient Greeks thought that during nightmares one is dominated by an "incubus" (a small demon) who sits on the dreamer's chest, leading to a sense of suffocation, breath difficulties, a racing and heavy heart. Oh those Greeks. Well, they came pretty damn close.

Victor & I had gone down to Maryland to visit his Sister (my SIL), his & my Brother In Law, our niece Alyssa & their brand new baby Kayla... Lasanta had to work that night so it was just Carmen, Victor, my Mother In Law & the kiddies. We stayed up talking for a bit & then went to sleep - it was actually quite early; before 11:00. We crawl on into our blow up mattress & turn in for the night. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything is nice & quiet, peaceful even & Victor & I drift off into the Land of Nod. Except it wasn't the Land of Nod for me. It was the Land of Hell...

My Mother always told me I was afraid of death & that I was always scared of dying. I guess after years of watching crime solving shows & documentaries I had pretty much convinced myself that the way I was going to die was by someone murdering me. I just always felt like it was going to happen. It's a huge fear of mine...

All I know was suddenly I was laying on the floor, in a very dark room with only a little light coming in. There was a dark silohuette above me. Immediately I thought it was a man; immediately I thought: this is it, this is how it's going to happen. My very worst fear was coming true, I'm going to die. I felt this person wanted to kill me & basically I began to fight for my life. I began screaming - not even words, just screaming at the top of my lungs, I began punching, clawing like a f'n animal, Hispanic Mother, kicking as if I invented Tae Kwon Do myself. All I knew was this person was going... to... kill... me... and I wasn't going out like that. All of a sudden I felt a weight on top of me. I felt it covering my face; I bit down hard, I swear I felt my teeth connect! I kept fighting & somehow, by the grace of God I was awake!!!! Sitting up in a dark room, surrounded by Victor, Carmen & my Mother In Law. They looked shocked, they were quiet just staring at me. And in that split second I realized it was all a dream!!! I was alive!!! No one was killing me! I just broke down & sobbed & sobbed & sobbed. I was so grateful it was a dream *Excuse me - Night Terror*

They immediately began trying to soothe me & tell me to calm down, shit it practically brings tears to my eyes thinking of how comforting they were. Victor tried to hug me but I was trembling, I didn't even want him to touch me. It was so crazy, I felt uncomfortable with a man, my Husband, consoling me. Fast forward a few minutes & quite a few glasses of water later I go to look for Victor who is in the bathroom with his sister. I come into the bathroom to find that there is blood on Victor's shirt, not only his, mine too. He had scratches on the side of his face, scratches on his back & arm. He lifted his shirt to show me a bruised bite mark looking like it was left by a f'n animal. I was that animal. Victor was the "man" I bit in my dream. Turns out he was trying to wake me up the whole time & I wasn't responding.

The only advice I can give anyone about this is to always try to go to sleep with good thoughts in your head... it's pretty f'n scary what your brain can pull out of you at times. Needless to say it was a horrifying experience to go through... I almost killed my Husband!!!! LOL, at least now he knows if this is what I could do in my sleep imagine what I could do awake MoFo...


  1. Normally when my lovely wife acts up, a good cold stare will put her back in place! But this time was different... this trully was one of the scariest moments in my life. I didn't have a good night sleep for a while after that, I kept looking over her to make sure she was ok. Thank God it was just a dream! .. and it's good to know if things get rough, she can kick ass!

  2. OMG that is seriously scary!! Poor hubby...and you but bite marks acratches my word I wonder what the family thought when they walked in to see what was happening and your beating up your hubby! Amazing what the brain can do.


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