Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Death Becomes Her

Now, as a precursor to this story I have to make sure it’s crystal clear to you & that you understand I wish no harm on this woman… are we clear? Yes? M’kay…

Every morning while I/we await the train into NY the platform is chock full of different people… there is one woman in particular that creeps me the F out… I mean, makes me cringe whenever I see her. Let’s call her Dorothy shall we? Yes we shall… so Dorothy is standing on the same platform as we are… waiting to catch the train into the city just like everyone else is; just trying to make an honest living. Now I have nothing against Dorothy as a woman, I’m sure she’s sweet, caring & nice. But Dorothy is bone chilling because she looks (GOD FORGIVE ME) like she physically just stepped out of a coffin!!!!! Don, don, don!!!!

I am not kidding!!!! I wish I was. She is thin, a little lanky with a touch of a hunch on her back, her hands looks thin & bony, yet her skin is stretchy, she wears fire engine red lipstick that seems to be outlined in brown. Her makeup looks caked on, like creasy & matte & her hair I mean WIG is a short straight poofy deposit of black hair. She looks like she was readied by the makeup department of a funeral home & the more I look @ her the more I think she’s the walking dead… see her in the picture above coming out of her house running for the train?!?! This is where I picture her coming from in the morning. She scares me!!! And like I said, I wish her no harm, I wish her a long life, but God she really heebies my jeebies. This morning I decided to see what she was up to - ya know, what are the daily nuances of a zombie, turns out she loves to carry heavy big bags & likes to write the lottery numbers she’s going to play on a shit load of index cards… maybe saving up for that crypt she’s always wanted? GOD FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See what I do for your entertainment? LOL

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