Monday, March 30, 2009

That's a Big Bitch!!

Not sure if you've seen the theatrical masterpiece that is Deuce Bigalow ~ Male Gigolo. But one of the lovely ladies that he "dates" in the movie is a huge bohemith of a woman (reference pic above). You may ask... Athena... why are you giving this visual? And I reply my friends... because I myself have encountered one.

Every morning I catch the train & sometimes catch a glimpse of a rather large woman. So large in fact that if you are sitting down & she's standing next to you, your head would come to about the bottom of her ass crack. That's a big bitch! So, I've seen her once in a while on my ride into NY. I have recently started seeing her on my train ride to work in NY. Oddly enough she sometimes is riding in my same car. The reason I've noticed her is not because of her freakishly large size. The reason I see her is because I have physically bumped into her ass cheeks quite a few times!!!!

The 1st time it happened it truly took me by surprise; whilst stepping off of the train car (whose doors were about to close) I took a leap of faith with her standing in front me. I really thought by the time I hit the platform she would be well on her way to being, well... out of my way. But no my friends, turns out her large size makes her slothlike. She did not move, she was indeed dead in front of me. In my leap off of the train I bumped into her & when I say bumped into her I practically bounced off her ass cheeks which practically come up to my boobs. I shit you not. So I pounced on a strangers ass & she had absolutely no reaction to it. I deduce that she is used to this sort of treatment, bouncing people off & plucking people out of her ass cheeks. I mean, that has to be it... she cannot possibly feel it!

Why, just today, on my way to work, the Slothy Bohemith was on my train to work. But this time, I didn't even know she was in front of me. I hopped off the train right into her asshole again!!! WTF?! Her ass has to be, MUST be desensitized to this shit! I mean, if everyone was bumping into my butt constantly I'd know it. But she didn't even feel it & just went about her business. I'm convinced now her purpose in life is to suck me up into her vortex of ass cheeks - it's like she's everywhere & I'm getting creeped out. From now on I'm just going to wait on the train car til she's like 10 feet in front of me. I mean it's that or I'm being swallowed whole by her ass & I want to live!! I want to live!!!!!!!

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  1. ... Now I've seen this woman in person and all I can say is, DAMN, that really is a big bitch!!


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