Monday, March 30, 2009

The Definition of Children...

According to is:
a. A person between birth and puberty.
b. A person who has not attained maturity or the age of legal majority.
c. An unborn infant; a fetus.
d. An infant; a baby.

What failed to mention in their definition is:
1. A barrel of laughs
2. A shitload of work
3. Oodles of adorableness
4. Exercise in patience
5. Pee & poo on hands
6. Known to cause excessive sleepiness
7. Loaded with love
8. Fun to be around

The Hubs & I (God Parents to the most adorable little ladies above) watched these 2 crazy chickadees this weekend... I mean watched for a full 24 hours. As I write this he's cutting up cheese for an almost 3 year old & we're currently awaiting for Kayla (never mind she's up!) Watching her on the monitor hitting the railing of the crib as if she was a prisoner dying to get out - but wait, her God Father is gently rubbing her back as she's laid back down. Wait! She's up! She's ready! She's out!!!! LOL, here she comes... gotta go get a snack ready...

And I'm back!!! 1st off - how does baby shit turn a shade of yellow? I mean really... how does that happen... 2nd - Kayla is a fiesty one! I love it. After having a standoff with a bib (I won) I'm back...

Titi - 1
Kayla - 0

Now where was I... Oh yes, so we watched the ba ba bays from about noon on Saturday until (fill the blank in here ~ The Ho's are still galavanting around) LOL :)... we've never had the full responsibility of lives like we have this weekend. Let me tell you about this little ones that have us wrapped around their fingers...

1st the eldest... Alyssa...She will be 3 in just 2 weeks (god we're getting old!!!!) She could be on a debate team - I mean, she would totally give you a good argument for anything you're opposed to. If your answer is no - she'll convince you why it should be yes. Anything you want her to do can be accomplished with M&M's... it's the key to her heart. She's witty, smart, beautiful & talkative. I see a phone surgically attached to her head in her teens!!! She loves TitiUncle & we love her right back!

2nd the youngest... Kayla... As stated above is a little spitfire, will let you know when she's had enough of something or in my case, made sure I was FULLY aware she didn't want to go to sleep. I walked out of there with crazier hair than normal, sweating profusely & exhausted.

Titi - 1
Kayla - 1

But she's great, so funny & such a ham, she likes to make you laugh & she's very curious. She ADORES her big sister.

After this weekend, it's really driven it home even more for me. I'm totally ready for this. I'm ready to be exhausted... I'm ready to laugh, I'm ready to teach a lil' human, I'm ready for shit under my nails, I'm ready to be thrown up & peed on & I can't wait... this was such wonderful practice for us both & I knew even before this weekend Victor will make an amazing father. I can't wait for him to be my Baby Daddy...Now where are those Ho's?!?!

A few pics from the weekend:
~ Like I said this cutie patootie pie is a ham, if she sees a camera she knows it's her time to shine & will happily oblige with a pic... here she is impersonating a puppy. LOL, Mommy would be very upset if she knew we left her hair like this. LOL, sorry Mommy...

~ Here is Alyssa & I dying Easter Eggs - she tried to make her case as to why we should eat them. But I highly doubt that's going to happen. If you need an easter egg dyer, let me know... I know just the girl for you!

~ Here is Kayla & her favorite man (whenever Dada's not around), they had a great time together - what a cute pic huh?

~ I failed to mention - Alyssa is an aspiring photographer... here is a portrait she took of me, notice the composition & lighting used in the photo - she has quite the eye for beauty. LMAO

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