Thursday, March 5, 2009

Out with The New In with The Old...

I myself have been a Tropicana drinker since I was a little girl & in the case of OJ it turns out; am very brand loyal. Since living with Victor he was under strict warning that there was no other OJ allowed into the house. Only Tropicana's Finest!

Some of you may know I was bored one day & decided to write a quick e-mail to Tropicana to let them know I was not feeling their new carton as pictured above. It looked so generic, ordinary, boring - not at all like the cute Tropicana carton I'm used to. I told them I wanted the old one back stat...

About a week later I receive a letter in the mail from Tropicana letting me know that their marketing group wanted to take on a fresh look to Tropicana & highlight the juice itself; as it would look when you poured it in the morning. They tried to win me over by giving me a coupon for a FREE that's right FREE carton of Tropicana OJ... it did warm my cold heart up a bit to get a coupon - but both Victor & I were feeling very resentful about this & had decided not to purchase the carton. Coupon or not.

Fast forward to last night... we get home & check the mail & there is another letter in the mail from none other than Tropicana!!! I open it & in short it says the following:
Thank you for your feedback! You & many other loyal Tropicana consumers contacted us regarding the recent change to our packaging. You told us you missed the familiar look that communicated premium, natural & squeezed from fresh oranges. We listened & are bringing back the packaging you know & love. This change is effective immediately & will appear in your store in the coming weeks. Please enjoy the enclosed coupon. We know you have a choice of brands & always appreciate your loyalty to Tropicana.

So thats right, you read it here first kids, Tropicana is bringing old packaging back... Yeah! It's cute old packaging is here to stay & I got another coupon! Woohoo!!! I'm king of the world!!!!


  1. My favority body powder company also recently changed their packaging; you think I can get a years supply of powder by writing a letter too?

  2. BTW, went to shoprite the other day, got a BIG container of the juice on sale for $3.99, used my coup for $4.00 off... they ended up giving me back a penny!!


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