Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chester the Foot Molester

So, as you’ve read below, I fell down a staircase 1 week before my Wedding. The week OF my Wedding, I was forced to go & see a Podiatrist so he could tell me the best way possible to deal with my ankle & foot for my Wedding & Honeymoon (I really do miss you Mexico). Being a Doctor I suppose you’re compelled to make small conversation with your patients.

Naturally, being a Podiatrist he has to get up close & personal with my foot, grab it, squeeze it, look at it closely… in the midst of his inspecting my foot I spill the beans about my upcoming Wedding… blah… blah… blah…

I go back to follow up with him after the Honeymoon – freshly married. Sparkly ring, Newlywed glow… He walks into the office & looks me up & down. Takes a seat & begins to look @ my foot. But this time he’s much different, flirty… I went for the appointment right before work. Dressed in black pants & a cute purple sweater… he makes a lame attempt at conversation. And then asks me where I’m going. I tell him to work & he says “Like that?!?!” Like I’m wearing nipple cover & a G string… when I tell him yes he begins to flirt even more,whilst holding my injured limb gently. Saying I look so pretty & if he was my Husband he wouldn’t let me walk out like that… cue the sexual harassment music! Needless to say I never went to see him again, I’m sure he misses me & my pretty foot LMAO

Gross, all I could think of is that this guy grew up having fantasies like this:

Gross… ill… yuck… uuuggghhh… nasty… ill!!!! I’m sure he was just dying for me to just do this to him:

Looking back on it now, both Victor & I agree I could have totally had a Sugar Daddy right now. We’d be in the money… I’m sure he’ll be losing his license soon. LOL, stay away from any sort of Doctor that could have a fetish caused by his line of work. Ill…

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